02 May 2018

Mastering Public Speaking By Ubong Essien, CSP

There are many skills a manager and leader must have but none is as impressive as public speaking; that great and appealing ability to project the personality of the leader or manager to the stage and spotlight and command almost immediately the required trust, respect and buy-in. You may think you are doing well as a leader or manager, but think how better you could be performing of you had strong and commanding communicative abilities.


  • How can we master public speaking? I will be honest that you cannot master this in a 1-hour session. But a 1-hour session is a good start.
  • First we must understand the essence/ purpose of Public Speaking. In my over a decade of teaching public speaking to a diverse spectrum of people from politics to business to career to mothers, etc., I have single-mindedly come to the conclusion that there is but one essence of public speaking – ELOQUENCE
  • Why is Public Speaking important? Well ask Juliet; ask Adamu; ask Obama; ask yourself too.
  • Grammar no be Money (Permit my pidgin) – What do you want most? Money or Memory? To be memorable / unforgettable….
  • It’s not the Big Grammar you Use.
  • Effective and powerful public speaking is an art
  • Because it is an art, this makes it effectively a Superior Skill
  • Superior skill is an acquirement. It is learned through the SOP Method
  1. Study
  2. Observation and
  3. Practice (SOP)
  • You may not be in a superior position but effective public speaking will make you look superior. But you may occupy a superior position and weak and poor public speaking is guaranteed to make you look inferior.

Everybody speaks in public but not all have a mastery or command of the art of public speaking. When we talk about mastering the art of public speaking, we are simply referring to the mastery of the elements and fine components of that craft. Take a cue from fine arts and you will understand the point I have just made with regards to mastering the art of public speaking.

If you work for an organization or for yourself you have to be able to master public speaking.

Opening Salvo:

There’s been a major oil incidence in Sagbama community and Masters Energy has to address a 20-minute session with key stakeholders impacted by the consequence of this disaster and you have been sent to deal with it. (You may think you have merely been asked to give a speech – That thinking is not only flawed but wrong. In actual fact, you are being asked or expected to deal with it. You have been asked to deal with it and public speaking is your instrumentality.  This is the standpoint from which you must approach the presentation if you are to be effective and powerful which is what gives us eloquence.

  • A sense of sombreness (gravity or sobriety)
  • A sense of responsibility
  • A sense of urgency

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