Motivational Speaker’s Masterclass – School Of Eloquence Motivational Speaker’s Masterclass – School Of Eloquence

Motivational Speaker’s Masterclass (MSM)

Course Duration: 2 Days. Course Fee: =N=75,000

Special Requirement:

Delegates for this programme are expected to have undergone at least the 2-Day Basic Speaking Masterclass (BSM) to establish the fundamentals of their public speaking skills as a pre-requisite. It would also be an added advantage if intending enrollees have completed the Advanced Speaking Masterclass (ASM).


Popularly known as the “Speaking for a Living” course, this is a purely professional programme. It is designed to help current speakers seeking a clear career path to professional speaking success by the use of achievement-motivation to inspire and impact potential client-audiences in a business-like way.


  1. The Public Speaking Imperative – A Quick Reference to Its Three Stages.
  2. Exploring the 6 Stages of Professional Speaking
  3. What Motivational Speaking all about – Historical & Functional Perspectives
  4. Understanding Achievement Motivation
  5. An Overview of the Self-help Industry and your Potential for success in it.
  6. Deep Dive into The 8 Core Competencies of Professional Speaking
  7. Professional Orientation and Development of an Area of Expertise
  8. Developing your Niche in Motivational Speaking
  9. Finding and Building your Motivational brand
  10. Strategies for Commanding Corporate Attention & Broad Patronage.
  11. The Business of Speaking – Making money from motivating the masses
  12. The Voice of Experience – Lessons from two decades of professional motivational speaking from Nigeria’s Mister Motivator.
  13. Motivational speaking case studies – Discussion-led Session.
  14. The Professional Pathway: Separating Religion from Motivation – The John C. Maxwell Case Study and the Nigerian Environment.
  15. Consulting Basics for Professional Speakers 101
  16. International Professional: Joining the National Speakers Association (USA) and the Global Speakers Federation
  17. Attaining the Global Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) Designation