02 May 2018

Preparations of Public Speaking

A writer once said that it takes one hour for a minute of presentation. How apt this statement is cannot be verified, but what is evident is that it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare for a meaningful speech. Preparations for speeches are not something to be glossed over because it takes a lot of effort to bring out something worthwhile.

Following the submission of Roger Kipling, a speaker is expected to ask him or herself some very necessary questions in the process of preparing for the delivery of a public speech. These questions are:

  1. “Why am I being asked to speak?”
  2. “What am I being asked to speak about?”
  3. “Who would be there to listen?”
  4. “When am I going to be speaking?”
  5. “Where will I be speaking?”

By asking these questions and giving answers to each one of them, one would have developed a skeleton for his or her preparation.

  • Overcome Your Fear
  • Don’t Be a ‘Backbencher’
  • Eloquence is Everything
  • Come out of Yourself
  • Pound your Point…Perpetually/ Persistently – hit it hard; to strike something hard and repeatedly;  if you will speak with power you must be prepared to pound your point to pulp.
  • Don’t Bore Us, Get to the Chorus
  • Thou Shall Not Read!
  • Handling a Microphone
  • Look at your Audience
  • Control Your Emotions

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